Hike Glenwood Springs

Today kicks off finals week for Colorado Mountain College students, and everyone is feeling pretty crazy right now.  I have to kick it into high-gear and get some projects turned in or else!  When I’m not slaving away over a hot computer, I am as active as possible.  One of the easiest, and by far prettiest, activities to do in Glenwood Springs is go hiking.  I took my dogs up Red Mountain yesterday.  At the very top of a trail is a gigantic, 50 foot tall electric cross that glows over Glenwood in the holidays.  The spot is also a launching point for hangliders, where they can catch warm, summer winds and slowly drift down into town.  Because of its location, it offers excellent views of Glenwood Springs, Mount Sopris, and the Roaring Fork Valley.




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2 responses to “Hike Glenwood Springs

  1. spectacular shots, fantastic!

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