Winter is here!

All of the local old timers have been calling for a bad winter, but so far, we’ve gotten off the hook here in the Roaring Fork Valley.  Granted, we have already had a couple of skirmishes with Old Man Winter, but nothing serious; and hey, the grass is still green (and showing) in December!  Fittingly enough, on the first day of winter, we are finally supposed to receive some more serious accumulation.

So it begins…

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3 responses to “Winter is here!

  1. Dave in L.A.

    Man, that’s beautiful. I don’t get to see real snowflakes these days (just snowboard snow, haha) and that looks so cozy. Thanks for the glimpse :)

  2. joroca

    Is this a certain fabulous Hollywood writer I know? :D

  3. Dave in L.A.

    Well I dunno about fabulous, but yes, it’s me. haha Miss our chats, J. Hoping you’re having an awesome Winter-Solstice-Choose Your-Own-Adventure-Holiday – and that you have a strong, healthy new year :)

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