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Kinetic type music video

I just completed my final for my Motion Graphics class.  Our assignment was to create an animated text video to either a song or speech.  Although we only had to create a video 30-60 seconds long, I wanted to animate an entire song.  I chose “Ce Soir On Danse” (Tonight We Dance) by Chromeo.  The piece is about 1:30 long, and it took me about 15 hours to complete. This piece was even more challenging because it is in French, and I had to animate the words exactly when they are spoken.   I was going for a very 80s aesthete to compliment the song.  Please let me know what you think!

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Animated logos

My motion graphics class is diving into After Effects. Our latest assignment is to create animated versions of our logos. (We have been developing logos for our personal brands in the Capstone class). With the proliferation of mobile devices, animated versions of logos will gain traction. As designers and advertisers, we are no longer bound by the analog restraints of paper. Something as static as a printed logo is transformed into interactive art.

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Mac classes at Edwards CMC

I can’t believe there are only two days left until I start teaching my first classes at Colorado Mountain College! The class is Intro to Mac Computers, and it will meet on the Edwards campus of CMC. The goal of the class is to help students better understand the many amazing capabilities of a Mac. You don’t have to be a computer expert to successfully operate a Mac.

Check out my video, where I explain more about the class, and I also offer a quick tip on how to take a screenshot with a mac:

To illustrate my point about the power of the Mac, look at this music video by rising (controversial) star Lana Del Rey. She created the entire music video on her Mac using a webcam and iMovie. The video propelled her to fame on the internet, and this is the future. Who needs a publicist, when you have a Mac?

Click here for more info on class, or call  the Edwards campus at 970-569-2900.

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Happy Chinese New Year!

Today marks the beginning of the Chinese (lunar) year of the dragon.  To celebrate, I am posting several clips from one of my favorite (Chinese) films: In the Mood for Love, by  Chinese director Wong Kar-wai.  I love this film for so many reasons, but I am astonished by its plot and music.  I also think it offers a unique aesthetic, like visual poetry.

Without giving away too many details, this film portrays two married couples in 1960s Hong Kong who are also neighbors in a densely packed apartment house.  The wife from one couple, and husband from another, discover their respective partners are having an affair (with each other).   After the jilted lovers make this discovery, they turn to each other for companionship and understanding.  Eventually, they fall in love but can never show it in public, because they still want to be honorable to their (cheating) spouses.  They must always remain secretive or else attract the attention of their nosy fellow tenants.

This film’s literal Chinese title (the age of blossoms) is also a metaphor which represents fleeting youth and beauty.  The first clip is a visual representation of this concept.   We see the solitary woman going for noodles, and it’s as if she is a ghost who is unreachable, ever fleeting.  The man who watches is the only one who can see her, but they can never be together.  Every still from this scene could be a perfect photograph.

(Spoiler Alert) The final scene is a visual re-enactment of a Chinese fable presented earlier in the film.  The fable tells of a man who has such a deep secret, he can tell no one on Earth.  So he goes into a remote forest, finds a hole in a tree, and whispers into it his burdensome secret.  He quickly covers the hole with mud and grass, lest the words should ever escape.  Again, the cinematography combined with the musical score is perfection. This scene was shot in Angkor Wat, which helped make this visual fable even more compelling.  I wonder if those ancient walls could talk, what secrets would they share?

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