I ♥ fractal art

I love fractals.  The recurring chaos and randomized patterns often coalesce into art…much like nature.  (I’m sure Dave in L.A. will appreciate :)  I designed these pieces for my 2-d design class at CMC. They are perfect for web design (see header), and I hope they reflect my uniqueness as a graphic designer.

dragons and peacocks






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4 responses to “I ♥ fractal art

  1. Dave in L.A.

    They are amazing. My fave is the last one – and not just cuz it’s Bruin blue and gold :)
    A friend of mine wrote a novel in which the main character uses fractals as the basis of new phony religion; I could see how people would believe in it/them!

    • jordan.callier

      I thought you would like… That novel sounds awesome and totally reaffirms what I’m saying about fractals…amazing!

  2. They are nature as is your body made of fractal. I love fractal as well, so healing. :)

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