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GarCo Sewing Works

As a student in the Graphic Design Program at Colorado Mountain College, I was able to participate in real-life projects. My professor, Brian Tinker, helped me find my first design project with GarCo Sewing Works. It’s still a work in progress, but I feel accomplished because it is my first graphic design project, solely coded, designed, written, photographed, and marketed by myself. I started with a Photoshop image, and once the client approved, I was able to take this image and turn it into HTML code. From here, I am going to create a WordPress site (much like this one) later on. After the Graphic Design Program at Colorado Mountain College, I feel like I can truly do anything!

Here’s more info on GarCo Sewing Works:

GarCo Sewing Works, a partnership between Colorado Mountain College and Garfield County Human Services, is here to help people develop skills in sustainable textile manufacturing. Located in Rifle, CO, the GarCo Sewing Works Design Center has the technology, equipment, and staff to help students add sustainable textile manufacturing education and experience to their skill sets.

Not only can students learn how to sew at Garco Sewing Works, they can also design and produce clothing using cutting-edge fabric printing technology. GarCo Sewing Works is unique because of its focus on sustainable manufacturing through such measures as developing local supply chains, grassroots community involvement, and in-house manufacturing. Such renewable practices are not only good for the environment, they also support American manufacturing.

Whether students are interested in sustainable textile manufacturing, design, or simply adding sought after skills to their resumes, GarCo Sewing Works is here to help. For more information about how to get registered for the sewing certification, please contact Jill Ziemann at (970) 384-8518 or via e-mail at


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