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CMC Graduation 2012

I can’t believe it has already been more than a week since I graduated!  Before much more time passes, I wanted to share some pictures from that day.  With clear, sunny skies and perfect weather, the day couldn’t have been more fitting.  Believe me, I’ve already been through several graduations, but this one was special.  Instead of the usual pomp and circumstance, John Denver was played as we walked down the aisle.  Only in Colorado!  Otherwise, it was a very cozy, intimate gathering and totally perfect.  Afterwards, we were welcomed to a well-catered lunch and the last few moments we would all be together.  I was impressed with the entire experience and hope these pictures reflect that.  The ’12 CMC Graphic Design class is a special group of people who will not be forgotten….

(Oh yeah, my design was also chosen by the grad department as the cover for the commencement booklet!!!!)

Brian Fales, Jordan Callier (me), Natasha Brown

Holding all of my degrees (high school, B.A., M.A., A.A.S., and two professional certificates)

Spring Valley

Even my pug, Duncan, got involved in the festivities.

Gorgeous design by Anna Hoffman of A Dezign



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Kinetic type music video

I just completed my final for my Motion Graphics class.  Our assignment was to create an animated text video to either a song or speech.  Although we only had to create a video 30-60 seconds long, I wanted to animate an entire song.  I chose “Ce Soir On Danse” (Tonight We Dance) by Chromeo.  The piece is about 1:30 long, and it took me about 15 hours to complete. This piece was even more challenging because it is in French, and I had to animate the words exactly when they are spoken.   I was going for a very 80s aesthete to compliment the song.  Please let me know what you think!

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CMC Graphic Design Portfolio Show

Check out this poster by CMC graphic design student Natasha Brown.  Her design was chosen by CMC’s photography students to advertise the upcoming portfolio show, which displays both graphic design and photography students’ work.  The show starts at 4 PM tomorrow afternoon at Spring Valley.  I’m busy now trying to get everything done!


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The ? by Chris Walsh

Today’s post is guest authored/presented by Chris Walsh, who is a fellow student in the Graphic Design program at Colorado Mountain College.  He looks forward to obtaining his A.A.S. in May, and then he plans on starting his own business.  His skills include illustration, display ads, posters, web development, and writing.  The graphic design program helped him polish/develop many of these skills.

I am a second year Graphic Design student at CMC- Spring Valley, and ever since I  can remember I have been into drawing caricatures and cartoons.

I started drawing comics in 2001, when a friend of mine started an alternative newspaper in Steamboat Springs called The Local. I gave him a comic I had drawn in Fort Collins for a music magazine about Humpty Dumpty depicted as a crack head. I wrote “The ?” for the title and told the publishers to just fill in the blank for  for me. A few days later I got The Local and saw a comic called “The ?” within its pages, and the name stuck. From there I contributed two comics a month for over ten years.

Drawing “The ?” became an outlet for me to vent my frustrations and to express my bizarre sense of humor. I garnered a modest following over the years, and have enjoyed sharing my unique perspective. About two years ago, The Local, under different ownership, went out of business. My creativity went fully into my schoolwork, and I haven’t done more than two comics since then.

I am excited to ramp things back up, though, because a month ago, the former owner of The Local, Paulie Anderson, announced that he is launching a new paper in Steamboat Springs called The Valley Voice. He called me immediately to become a contributor, and I, of course, accepted. Interestingly, many of the original contributors also answered the call, after having been alienated by the previous owners. The Local has come full circle, and now, so has “The ?”. Readers will get a newer, more, mature (maybe) “The ?”. I will see how my new perspective as a student and young professional will color my cartoon writing. I hope you can relate, on some level, to my twisted world of “The ?”

Chris Walsh may be contacted at:

(click on first cartoon to view gallery slideshow)

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CMC Theatre Rocky Horror Show

I’ve had this under wraps for a couple of months, but one of my poster designs was chosen by Colorado Mountain College Theatre for an upcoming production of the The Rocky Horror Show.  I designed this in my Graphic Design I class last semester, as part of a competition. The producers opted for my design because it was different yet recognizable to those who know the genre.  The show runs April 13–14, 19–20, 21, 26–28 at 7pm and again on April 29 at 2pm.  For reservations call 970-947-8177 or e-mail

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Flash as art?

One of the big reasons that I started the Graphic Design program at CMC was to expand my skill-set.  I have a journalism/communication background, but I wanted to add graphic and video skills.  It seems that every journalist who counts isn’t just limited to one medium.  So why not master all?

I am currently taking a Motion Graphics class, per my course requirements.  Not only does this count towards my A.A.S. in Graphic Design, but it also is the last class I need to obtain a certificate in web design.  We are learning about Flash, Adobe After Effects, and general animation.  Even though Flash seems to be on its way out, I think there will always be a niche market for it.  It is also a very useful tool for creating app layouts.

My first assignment was to create the illusion of depth and motion with animated lines.  The sequence is supposed to reflect tranquility, then escalation and explosion, back to tranquility.  I attempted this by using color, size, contrast, and motion. We also had to work within a 728×90 pixel square (the size of a Google landscape Flash ad). What do you think about Flash?

**Apologies to my iOS friends.  Everyone else hit reload to replay.

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CMC theatre posters

It’s that time of year again!  The CMC theatre department has released what productions it will be running next year.  My Graphic Design II class has the pleasure of creating the posters for each production.  Each student submits a poster idea, and the big-wigs in from the theatre department pick their favorite poster.  Last semester, they chose my poster for their upcoming production of The Rocky Horror Show.  I will post that design soon.  For now, enjoy some of my submissions for next year’s theatre season.  Some or more complete than others, but hopefully you get the gist…

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