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HTML5 web design

The basic language of the internet is HTML (HyperText Markup Language) and every web developer should know it.  HTML is the main structure of the internet, like the foundation of a home.  For example, this blog’s header image is set in place through html mark-up, along with the basic layout of this page.  As essential as HTML is, it also lacks a lot of multimedia functionality.   Other programs or programing languages, such as Adobe Flash  and Javascript, exist to extend the functionality of HTML.  However, with the plethora of mobile devices out there, certain programming doesn’t work on everything (think Flash on iPhone or iPad).  Because mobile browsing is the future, it is essential that all things work on all devices, hence the advent of HTML5.  HTML5 will run the internet , and is currently the most sought after skill for web developers.  HTML5 is also cool because it’s available for anyone to learn, and W3C Schools offers an excellent explanation and demos of HTML5. A major limitation of HTML5 is that it’s not supported on all browsers, for now…  Test your browser here.  I found an awesome infographic from focus.com to visually explain.  I also love the wtfs laced throughout.  Enjoy:



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